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How Shippers Can Manage Peak Season Disruptions

Published: November 17, 2021 | Author: Rose Panik | Comments: No Comments

There’s no denying that the past 2 years have been difficult for the transportation industry. With ever-increasing spot market rates and shortage of truck drivers, markets are becoming more tough to navigate. So how do shippers find solutions that will turn peak season challenges into growth?

Here are 3 solid ways shippers can navigate through tough markets and manage disruptions throughout peak season.

1. Contract lanes with 3PLs that provide consistent rates and coverage

One of the best ways help navigate through unpredictable markets is to contract lanes with 3PLs that consistently haul at those negotiated rates. 3PLs partner with thousands of carriers to provide the best solutions for lane coverage – often times even better than contracting directly with a carrier. This is because 3PLs are focused solely on moving your freight and finding the best carriers possible for your loads.

Anne Reinke, President & CEO of the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) was asked to provide the perspective from TIA’s 1,800 member companies and the third-party logistics industry, as it relates to the supply chain disruptions. She stated, “One way to handle this is for shippers to rely more heavily on the spot market and brokers, as they exist to provide more flexibility through their relationships and technology. Brokers can be capacity amplifiers.

2. Work with 3PLs that have reliable, established relationships with their carrier network

Another way to manage peak season disruptions is to work with 3PLs that have trusted, reliable carrier partners. Here at Route, we have a network of committed carriers that are willing to work with us to help balance rates and capacity because they know that we operate with integrity. Our carrier partners often reserve capacity for us because they know that our business is consistent and reliable.

The length of carrier relationships also plays an important role in navigating market volatility. Does your current 3PL have carriers partners that they have been working with consistently for many years?

The relationships that Route’s account reps and carrier reps have established and maintained is what sets us apart from other 3PLs. See over 900 five-star reviews from happy carriers that have hauled with us here.

3. Partner with a 3PL that seeks to help you with long term shipping strategy

Finally, partnering with a 3PL that values building long-term relationships can help greatly when managing shipping disruptions. Route thrives by providing customers with dependable, competitive pricing solutions that make sense long-term. Our collective team experience and vast network of carrier partners provide the right tool kit to manage through the toughest of markets.

Peak season disruptions are inevitable and the 3PL you choose to partner with makes all the difference on where you land. We are looking to lead you through peak season and beyond with our long-term carrier network that will move your freight at competitive prices with dependable service. It is our goal that through transparency, solid communication, and the reliability of working with our team, you will turn the challenges of peak season into a period of tremendous growth and positive results.

To start shipping with Route, get a quote here.

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