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Route Sponsors Powerboat in Suncoast Summer Fest Grand Prix

Published: July 27, 2021 | Author: Rose Godwin | Comments: No Comments

The Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix kicked off the morning of June 27th in the Gulf of Mexico with 59 boats spread across multiple classes. Route had the opportunity to sponsor Sarasota local Ryan Beckley, who runs a 30-foot Skater Powerboats catamaran in the Super Stock class.

Due to delays as the course was being set and inclement weather, teams scheduled for the 4th race did not get a chance to compete. Luckily, the boat sponsored by Route, the S-111 Professional Plumbing, competed in the 3rd race before the United States Coast Guard called off the races due to dangerous weather.

The S-111 Professional Plumbing powerboat took 7th place out of 11.

Watch the races here.

About the author...

Rose Godwin

Rose is the Marketing and Communications Manager for Route Transportation and Logistics. She has been with Route for over 5 years, and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from University of South Florida.

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