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Route Becomes a SmartWay Transport Partner

Published: September 22, 2020 | Author: Rose Panik | Comments: No Comments

Bradenton, FL: Route Transportation and Logistics has become a SmartWay® Transport Partner, and now participates in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s mission to advance supply chain sustainability.

SmartWay is a voluntary program launched by the EPA in 2004 to help freight shippers, carriers, logistics companies, and other transportation businesses reduce freight transportation-related emissions. By reporting and measuring fuel efficiency and emissions, SmartWay partners are proactively reducing their environmental footprint year after year.

Route proudly joins over 3,700 participants that contribute to the partnership’s savings of 280 million barrels of oil, $37.5 billion in fuel costs and 134 million tons of air pollutants. Becoming a SmartWay partner demonstrates Route’s commitment to responsible shipping practices and environmental leadership.

“This partnership sets the foundation for tracking, analyzing, and reducing our environmental footprint,” said Will Mitchell, Systems and Data Manager. “With this information, we can implement strategies that reduce air pollution and keep sustainability at the forefront of our development.”

As Route continues to grow its carrier network and capacity, the company will work regularly with the EPA to reach environmental goals. Route will also support SmartWay initiatives by building awareness for the program and encouraging its shippers and carriers to apply for the partnership.

About Route Transportation and Logistics: Route Transportation and Logistics is a non-asset-based truckload and less-than-truckload service provider specializing in volume LTL, large partial, and full truckload shipments in the U.S. and Canada.

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Rose Panik

Rose is the Marketing and Communications Manager for Route Transportation and Logistics. She has been with Route for over 4 years, and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from University of South Florida.

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