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Route 2024 New Year’s Resolutions for Shippers

Published: January 19, 2024 | Author: Rose Godwin | Comments: No Comments

At Route, we are always working to enhance our services and customer experience. Our team got together earlier this month to share resolutions that will help bolster productivity, transparency, and customer service. Here are Route’s top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for shippers in 2024.

1. No quote left behind

Our account managers will make an effort to bring an option for every quote – with the goal to be the best price. We are here to help shippers find solutions, and we will do our best to find a trusted, reliable carrier for every shipment.

We also know how important your time is. If we simply do not have the capacity for a shipment, we will let you know as soon as we can.

2. Develop stronger, more focused partnerships with our carriers

It has always been our goal to align the most reliable, trustworthy carriers to our customer lanes. In 2024, we are taking this goal to a new level by focusing on building and strengthening relationships with our carrier partners. This involves talking to carriers, developing lanes, and expanding the portfolio to ensure that we have the very best carrier matches for each shipment.

3. More in-person meetings

Our account managers would like to meet with more shippers this year in-person. Getting to know someone over email or over the phone is great, but meeting them in-person is another level of trust and confidence. These meetings will help shippers to discover new shipping opportunities, share pain points, and get to know our team better. A win-win for both teams.

4. Transparency

Transparency will always be a priority here at Route. We want shippers to feel confident about reaching out to us for updates of their shipments and proper documentation when needed.

In addition to support from our account managers, the Route Customer Portal allows shippers to track loads 24/7 on any device. Shippers can view pickup/delivery status, PODs, reporting, and more all in one place.

If you are shipping small LTL, we also offer the Route LTL Portal where shippers can quote and book shipments in minutes.

Request a login from your account manager or get a quote to get started.

5. Commitment to our corporate mission

As a proud subsidiary of CABVI (Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired), we share the mission of empowering people who are blind or visually impaired with opportunities to seek independence.

In 2024, we will remain committed to that corporate mission by providing as many job opportunities to individuals with vision loss as we can. When shippers book with us, they will also be a part of our wonderful mission to change lives through the power of work.

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Rose Godwin

Rose is the Marketing and Communications Manager for Route Transportation and Logistics. She has been with Route for over 5 years, and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from University of South Florida.

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