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Meet Our Team – Anne B.

Published: November 30, 2021 | Author: Rose Panik | Comments: No Comments

Favorite food: Dessert

Favorite sports team: 

NFL=Baltimore Ravens/Buffalo Bills

MLB=Baltimore Orioles

NHL = Buffalo Sabres

College = Syracuse 

First car: Pontiac Bonneville

Favorite place you’ve traveled to: Cape Town South Africa


2 Cats Londyn & SeyBal (AKA She-Eee Key-Eee) Additional feline tenants are Cow Cow Kitty & Finnagain Beginagain – The GigantiCats)

1 Dog Jolly & One additional tenant, Patrick the Chihuahua

So 4 Cats & 2 Dogs total (and a partridge in a pear tree) It’s a small zoo!

What you like about working in logistics: Logistics is fast paced with multiple things happening at once & it involves constant problem solving. My mind is constantly running, so logistics takes what my mind does naturally and turns it into something productive. I like the challenge that every day presents.

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Rose is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Route Transportation and Logistics.

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