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How Freight Brokers Provide Cost Savings for Shippers and Manufacturers

Published: May 27, 2021 | Author: Rose Panik | Comments: No Comments

The trucking industry has experienced a dramatic increase of shipping rates over the past year. According to ACT Research, “with both driver and equipment capacity in short supply, we are witnessing the strongest rate environment in survey history, even with a bit slower volumes.”

Now is a great time for shippers and manufacturers to investigate potential savings and the overall value of working with a freight broker. Here are a few ways brokers can help to provide cost savings:

1. Rates are likely 8-20% lower than what suppliers are charging

A freight broker’s sole job is to handle transportation and build carrier relationships every day. They work with extensive carrier networks and have specialized market knowledge that allows them to ship products often times for much less than suppliers are charging.

When working with a broker, shippers will find that cost savings are likely going to be significant, and also that the level of service overall will improve.

2. Reduced workload for shippers

Working with a freight broker means less time covering shipments, and more time focusing on the aspects of your business that need attention. By partnering with a reliable broker, you can allocate more of your time to the actions that will help your supply chain and business grow.

3. Customized Solutions

As supply chain technologies continue to grow, so do freight brokers’ service offerings. New TMS systems, tracking/tracing applications, and other software have allowed freight brokers to present customized solutions that provide more cost savings for shippers. 

There are so many more ways freight brokers provide value for shippers and manufacturers. If you’re ready to learn more or get a quote, click here.

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