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Finding a Trusted Freight Broker Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Published: July 14, 2020 | Author: Rose Panik | Comments: No Comments

Whether you’re looking to improve supply chain efficiency, or looking for better shipping rates and service, finding a broker you can trust can be a challenge. Here are 4 great indicators that the broker you are planning to work with will be a trusted solution.

The Broker has a Good Credit Score

One of the easiest ways to determine whether a freight broker is trusted and reliable is to check their credit score. According to Ansonia Credit Data, which provides the credit score and days to pay data on DAT, Broker credit scores of 87 and above are considered low risk. For example, Route Transportation has a credit score of 97. A good credit score exhibits that a broker has established a solid credit history and consistently pays carriers on-time.

They are a Member of Industry Associations

Being a member of industry associations is a great indicator that the freight broker is dedicated to building credibility and improving business practices. Associations such as the TIA and TMSA exist to help provide education, connections, and resources to the industry.

With over 1,800 member companies, the TIA has positioned itself as the trusted voice of third-party logistics. TIA members must follow a strict code of professional conduct. The TIA Code of Ethics is designed to promote the highest standard of ethics within the 3PL industry.

Their tracking and tracing is on point

When working with a freight broker, you probably want to know where your freight is throughout the shipping process. Trusting that your shipment is being moved safely and predictably is of huge importance, especially when the success of your company is tied directly to your customer receiving their order on time.

Here at Route, we have a department of logistics coordinators whose sole job is to communicate with dispatchers and drivers. They monitor loads from the moment a carrier is booked to delivery, dealing with any issues. Our coordinating team, along with our GPS tracking software, ensures that we will consistently be able to provide visibility whenever you need it.

They have a Great Company Culture

Company culture has become so important in contributing to business success and reliability, especially with third-party logistics companies.

Working with a freight broker that invests in it’s employees and culture can have many benefits for shippers. A strong company culture fosters a team of happy employees who are advocates of growth for their company and customers. Employee advocates help to improve their company’s reputation, service offerings, technology, and even internal processes that boost productivity. Plus, there’s nothing like communicating with a trusted team that is enthusiastic about their work and success of all involved.

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