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Core Values


We work everyday to build relationships with shippers, carriers, and each other to help thousands of businesses thrive.


We are open and honest with all who communicate with our company both internally and externally.


We pride ourselves in embracing change and new technology. If there is a solution to a problem, you can bet that we will find it.


We are committed to creating an environment and experience based on integrity, trust, and transparency. We are open, honest, real, and sincere.


In the transportation industry, reliability is everything. We want to be the people you can rely on for everything from logistics to technology.

Our Mission

 Meet Porsha, our first team member with a visual impairment.

Watch the video below to learn more about her journey with CABVI and Route and how this opportunity has made a positive impact on her life as she navigates vision loss.

Company News

Meet Our Team – Tony

By Rose Godwin | August 28, 2023

Favorite food: Salmon Favorite sports team: Chicago Cubs First car: Honda Accord Favorite place you’ve traveled to: Croatia, very cool see where ancestors came from. Traveled the islands off Split, Croatia. Pets: A cat named Zola. What you like about working in logistics: Relationship building; with carriers, customers, and co-workers.

Meet Our Team – Lexie

By Rose Godwin | July 25, 2023

Favorite food: Italian Favorite sports team: Georgia Bulldogs First car: 2006 Honda Accord Favorite place you’ve traveled to: California Pets: Henry: 3-year old bearded dragon Ash: Betta fish What you like about working in logistics: It’s challenging, and I enjoy working with people around the world.

Route Sponsored a Tee-Ball Team!

By Rose Godwin | July 11, 2023

Route sponsored a Miss Manatee Tee-ball team for the 2023 spring season! The sponsorship helped to fund the uniforms and equipment for the girls to play. Some of the girls were first time players and enjoyed learning how to play the game. Many of them will be returning in the Fall to play because they enjoyed […]

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